‘Yet’ a small word that holds great power….

Stepping out of your comfort zone

It has been said that ‘a thought is not something the mind possesses, it is something that possesses the mind.’

This is never truer than when we are in a situation that makes us approach the boundaries of our comfort zone. It is at this time that your inner voice pipes up, with its pointing finger and self-critical voice nagging away, telling you what you can and can’t do. It is amazing how debilitating and disempowering this voice can be and how it stops us taking the step beyond our comfort zone.

Yet one word can make all the difference to this thought. Yet is a word that will disable your inner voice’s power to limit your bravery.

When you hear yourself saying and feeling ‘I can’t do this!’ simply add the word ‘Yet’ to the end of the sentence and feel the difference this makes. ‘I can’t do this yet’ gives you permission to try.  You will be amazed how wide your mind can open and how busy your brain will become as it starts to get to work to assemble evidence to help you learn how.

Seeing another perspective

The other area where ‘yet’ holds great power is in the area of conflict and influence. When you feel your argument is finely tuned and your rationale irrefutable, try adding ‘yet’ to your thought process and appreciate your argument from another perspective.

Try this; ‘I absolutely believe that what I think is correct, yet I understand others have a different views. I wonder what they are?’

The change of perspective may not change your mind, however it will improve the quality of your decision making process as well as make you far better equipped to persuade and influence others. Thinking from another perspective is like a gym session for the brain, it does it good!