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Welcome to Sensei – engaging people in the process of strategic change

Malcolm Follos

Thank you for taking the time to look at this website. Let me give you a flavour of who I am, why I started and how I work.

Sensei UKE started in 2008 to help leaders deliver sustainable personal and organisational change; change that delivers significant results; change that they actually enjoy making. Since starting my consultancy career in 1986 I have been lucky enough to work with CEO’s, leadership teams and functional leaders from many leading organisations throughout the world. In that time I observed that so many performance improvement initiatives are ‘process’ and ‘ology’ led, often imposed from above, or from outside ‘experts’. Such programmes usually treat people engagement almost as an afterthought. My experience has taught me that if the results you are after are to be sustainable, then this is a fundamental mistake.

Consequently, I do not lead with tools, techniques and methodologies, instead I give primacy to the ‘adaptive’ rather than the ‘technical’ aspects of personal and organisational change. Let me be clear, both are important, and I have many proven tools, processes and change methodologies that I know work well, but I believe the way people act and interact with each other is the key to significant productivity improvement. Every organisation has a significant hidden productivity pot and I started Sensei UKE to work with leaders to help them access this productivity pot, namely the discretionary effort that is unleashed when people are fully engaged in work they find meaningful. Tackling embedded habits and rituals in the leaders own behaviour, the behaviours of the teams they lead and some of the energy sapping rituals that exist across organisation as a whole is the focus of a lot of the work that I do.

The aim of all my work is to help leaders find new, more engaging and more innovative ways to deliver the organisations aims and goals.

To service larger clients, many of whom are leading global organisations who require support throughout the world, I work with a number of highly successful trusted associates, each with several years’ experience and proven ability in their field. Experience has taught me that this business model gives me the flexibility to serve my clients and provide them with access to some of the leading independent consultants in the world.

One of the associate groups I work with is The Change Maker Group click to find out more.