Onwards and Up Leadership Team Session

It’s summertime, time to relax, kick off your shoes and think about what the year has taught you so far.

Too many leaders spend too much time in too many meetings that over the year collectively sap energy and create a build up of frustration that makes the summer holiday one of the most longed for in the whole year. Most leaders use their holiday break as a chance to stop the world and take a time-out with family and friends; a chance to re-connect with the important things in life; recharge the batteries; reflect on the year so far and perhaps re-set some personal goals for the months that lie ahead.

Our Onwards and Up Leadership Team session is designed to capitalise on the reflective thinking and revitalised energy the summer holiday brings.  Our aim is to work with you to curate a leadership team session during the summer months that will help you set the tone for the rest of the year by injecting new energy, new thinking and a sense of collective purpose that will ensure the remainder of the year is as successful as it can be.

This session is an easy way to help your leadership team get re-focused and will give your team the collective confidence to deliver the outcomes you are aiming for before the end of the year. In your session we will;

  • Work with you to carefully prepare the session by conducting a short confidential telephone interview with each member of your leadership team to discover what this year has taught them so far and understand what are their hopes and aspirations for the remainder of the year.
  • Summarise these insights and tailor an ‘Onwards and Up Leadership Session’ that will deliver renewed energy and enthusiasm for the year ahead and give your leadership team a clear and compelling picture of what ‘success before Christmas’ looks like for your team.
  • The session will include three core threads that we will weave together to suit your specific requirements and time constraints, they are:
  • Lessons from reality – reflections from attending last year’s ‘University of Life’;
  • The Way We Work – how you can better play to your collective strengths – creating feed-forward behaviours to start, stop, do more and do less in the coming year; and
  • The Journey Ahead – what the remainder of the year has in store for you all.
  • Explore with you the option to run this session ‘on the move’, by picking a suitable local journey that takes advantage of the great outdoors and enable the conversations to have a paradigm shifting feel to them. Our aim is to make sure the session is an enjoyable way to re-focus your team for the remainder of the year.

Costs & Benefits

This is one session of many you will spend with your team in the year.  I can guarantee that this session will be;

  • great value for time;
  • enjoyable;
  • focused on helping your leadership team improve their collective performance by agreeing collective goals;
  • an accelerant that will help your team move forward towards the goal of High Performance Team status.

Consider how much money un-energised / directionally challenged leadership teams cost your organisation, just in terms of salaries and time invested alone, never mind the cost of poor quality decision making and the intangible costs associated with energy sapping attendance. The value delivered from this session will be a leadership team that is clear about what it will take to reach high performing team (HiPo) status, what habits and leadership behaviours need to be challenged and changed and what motivation will be needed to reach the goal of HiPo Team status.

Interviewing your team, surfacing key lessons and insights from the year so far and preparing and summarising these so I can tailor and facilitate a session focused on your needs is a great way to re-focus during the summer months.

Summer 2017 Special Offer

I am offering the ‘Onwards and Up Leadership Team Session’ at an exceptional value for money rate of GBP £2k in fees, exclusive of expenses at cost and VAT. This will be a great investment in your leadership team that will help ensure your leadership team works towards a successful year end.

Move Quickly

The summer months are a time when diaries are filling up fast so act now! Click here to contact me so we can set up a call to discuss how I can help you design a ‘Onwards and Up Leadership Team Session’ that is tailored to deliver for you and your team.