Develop Leadership Teams

I have worked with Malcolm as a trusted adviser over several years, he has helped me maximize efficiencies within my organization. His deep knowledge and expertise, as well as his personal style achieved the promised deliverables via highly engaging, and at times entertaining, facilitation techniques. Malcolm helped me and my leadership team to face up to the change we had to make with high energy, impactful facilitation injecting the appropriate sense of urgency and some good humour along the way.

Chris Housmekerides

Reckitt’s, SVP R&D Hygiene and Home

Specific Support – we can help you:

Develop a High Performance Leadership Team If you have  new leadership team and want to accelerate the team on the journey towards high performance status, or you simply want to take a ‘time-out’ to reflect on how the team is performing then this is an area I can help you with. Our HiPo Team Audit tool is a great starting point as it gives you a read-out of where you are on the journey to HiPo status.

Go on a groundbreaking Leadership Journey – In our  ‘Leadership Journey’sensei has combined the best of the traditional, pragmatic classroom work with the excitement and the buzz of going out and doing something paradigm extending and precedent shattering. This is a real journey, with a start point and a destination, where participants truly learn to ‘adapt’ and the power of the experience unfolds as the journey proceeds.

Have Conversations that MatterThere are 5 conversations that we help leaders have in their organisation, these are the critical conversations that can drive significant performance improvement in your organisation. Our Leadership Conversation paper explains more.

In the end, the people who work for you offer are your most complicated organisational asset. If you can liberate their passion and direct the energy that is released towards a strategically significant goal then you will create a competitive gap that will be difficult for your competitors to close. Pretty much everything else you do will be relatively easy to copy. Take a look at our chairman talking about how we liberate passion

Our New Year New Way Leadership Team Session is designed for leaders looking to get the New Year off to the best possible start. To find out more about this popular and innovative way to start the New Year with your leadership team then click here for more details.

Our ‘Onwards and Up Leadership Session’ is designed for leaders looking to re-focus their leadership teams for the year ahead following the summer holidays.

To find our more about this session then click here for more details.