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Smart Mirror Coaching Service

We developed our Smart Mirror Coaching Service as a cost and time effective alternative to our more formal face-to-face breakthrough coaching programme.  Most personal development programmes take a considerable commitment of time and financial resource, both scarce commodities in these hyper-busy times of continued austerity, so they are generally only available to the lucky few.

Our Smart Mirror Coaching Service is designed for all as it gives you fast and effective access to someone you trust when you need them. You can use them as a sounding board to help you think through an idea, share a concern, plan an activity or simply to get an independent, apolitical and informed response to a situation or opportunity you face at work, or in your life.

This is a simple and very flexible service to use.

Step #1: Register for Smart Mirror Coaching service. Email me your interest at mfollos@senseiuke.com and I will set up a no obligation, confidential call at a mutually convenient time. The purpose of this is to get to know each other and discuss your current situation and likely coaching needs. This call will last no more than 30′ and in it we will agree a suitable way forward that is carefully tailored to meet your needs.

Step #2:  Access the service when you need it by sending an email, text or voicemail suggesting a suitable time to talk and share a brief synopsis of the topic / issue you want to discuss. You will get a response within 24 hours that will agree a mutually convenient time for myself, or dependant on the topic / issue one of my more suitably qualified coaching associates, to talk with you.

Step #3: Carry out the coaching call in confidence after which we will send you a summary of the key points discussed and actions agreed.

Payment for this service is flexible and easy. In our first call we will agree either a monthly, quarterly or annual subscription that will give you an agreed number of coaching calls in the period, or if you prefer, we can agree a ‘pay as you use’ payment plan where you pay for each session as and when you use it.

Our aim is to make this a ‘fuss free’ on demand coaching experience that gives you what you need, when you need it. Contact me for further details of this highly flexible coaching on demand service.