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Summary of Master Classes

All our Master Classes are tailored to match the needs of your target audience and we curate specific content with you to ensure the classes are relevant to your organisation.

The sessions are designed to be run within a 2.5 hour max time slot so they can fit into busy diaries and can be scheduled at convenient times of the day. Each session will provide participants with the chance to learn new insights, tools and techniques and will offer the chance to practise their new skills using simple exercises. Each session will cater for all four learning styles and I work hard to create a safe, stretching and enjoyable learning environment.

Developing a Strategy

This Master Class is for managers and leaders who have been given the task of developing a strategy for their area. We will run through a proven generic process that participants will tailor to suit their specific circumstances and emerge with a clear way forward on how to develop a strategy for their area.

Influencing Skills

The two objectives for this Master Class are to share some simple techniques that will help participants improve their ability to influence others and to give them the opportunity to practise those skills in a safe learning environment.

Presenting with confidence

The two objectives for this Master Class are to give participants the confidence to present effectively using their own style and to share presentation skills tips and hints to ensure they can be the best they can be.

Dramatically Improving Service Performance

The aim of this Master Class is to inject some new thinking into the way service is delivered to your customers. Using the tacit knowledge in the group and some creative stimuli we will explore what it will take to give outstanding and spectacular service in your organisation simply without adding any significant new resource.

Brand You! Managing Your Reputation.

The objective of this Master Class is to help participants identify their own personal brand and share techniques that will enable them to proactively manage their reputation.

Decision Making Skills

In this Master Class we will demonstrate the different decision making processes that are available for teams to make decisions and deep dive into the skills needed to get a team to reach a real consensus.

Team Based Creativity Techniques

The aim of this Master Class is to work on existing opportunities and challenges using a range of proven creativity and idea generation techniques. Ideal for project teams looking to generate some new thinking.

Facilitating Hints and Tips

This Master Class will clarify the role of a facilitator, share some proven tricks of the trade and give participants the chance to practise their skills and receive feedback.

Agile Working

Using a simple work exercise to demonstrate the key principles of agile working this Master Class gives participants the chance to explore how to work smarter in their own working lives.

Critical Thinking

 This Master Class explores how people think about the way they think about things and offers some proven techniques designed to help participants move beyond recall and comprehension and develop reflection, evaluation and prediction skills.  

If you would like discuss any of the above Master Class sessions, or want me to help shape a session specifically for you then please contact us.