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The approach Malcolm took on my breakthrough coaching journey has been very useful for me, as it touched on many relevant aspects of my leadership style. In addition to putting leadership in a broad theoretical context, the real life feedback that was included from people I daily work with made it very tangible. The colleague feedback was done both at the start and after a 6 months period, and made it possible to track the progress. Most importantly, I have learned that in a relatively short time scale, it is possible to improve and adopt new leadership skills, which was a breakthrough for me.

Carlo van den Bergh 

Malcolm really made me stop and think about what I am doing, where I am going and more importantly helped me address my nagging self-doubts. I needed that push and challenge to help me take my career to the next step. Thank you!’

Linda Randall

Associate VP Pharmaron

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Malcolm over the past year and feel that I have benefited greatly, both professionally and personally.  His approach to our sessions ensured that I thought deeply about the challenges I was facing at work and how best to approach them.  He fostered a climate of confidentiality and trust which meant I was comfortable to share my thinking openly, thereby allowing me to gain the maximum benefit from our sessions.

Jon Ritchie

Executive Director Corporate Services Sunderland City Council

My approach to executive coaching is distinctive because I have developed my coaching skills supporting leaders tasked with making sustainable change occur in their organisation.

I therefore help leaders deliver performance outcomes that make a significant difference, including supporting them with any changes in personal behaviour and habits required to ensure performance outcomes are delivered as effectively as possible. I coach in both classic terms, eliciting issues, helping reframe assumptions, exploring alternatives, helping energise the will to change, supporting new actions, reinforcing successes, challenging complacency, providing an accountability loop, etc. and also by teaching tools and leadership models as appropriate.

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Specific Support – I can help you:

  • Provide executive coaching to senior leaders in your organisation looking to further develop their leadership skills
  • Give additional support and experienced guidance to people tasked with leading a change programme in your organisation
  • Develop Leaders who are new to role and are looking for the skills, knowledge and confidence to take up their new role

If you want to find out more about how I can help you then please contact me and we can discuss your specific requirements.