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Visions, Missions, Strategy and all that Jazz

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A wise man once said ‘when you are born you are given a brush – you can paint heaven or you can paint hell, the choice is yours, so choose well my friend.’

I often replay these words when I get asked to help leaders and their teams look into the future and ‘imagineer’ a vision and mission for their team, function or organisation. I know from my personal experience leading sensei that the art of predicting the future is fraught with difficulty, but just because it is difficult does not mean we should not try and do it. As most of us live our lives at such a frantic pace it is rare for us to stop and ask what are we doing all this for?

In this area of support we help senior leadership teams take the ‘time out’ necessary to consider some of the harder leadership questions such as where are we taking this organisation? What will the strategic journey look like and do we have the capabilities, resources, energy and enthusiasm for the journey that lies ahead?

To help leaders get started with the conversations necessary to answer these questions we have developed a simple Strategic Health Check which you can download (here) and see where this takes you.