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Human Performance Index

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As Einstein once quoted: Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.’

The Sensei Human Performance Index™ is a breakthrough approach that will help you identify the human performance component to your business challenges and opportunities. Our ground breaking approach helps companies highlight the parts of the business where ‘human performance’ can most dramatically raise the bar on business performance, or where the absence thereof is most seriously hindering business performance. Our HP Index gets behind and beyond existing paradigms and assumptions and gives an independent X-ray of where, and more importantly how, improved human performance can deliver substantial business improvement.

Our HP Index is a generation removed from the anodyne engagement surveys. It’s a combination of survey, focus groups, intensive interviews and observation of key individuals and teams behaving in live business situations. We look at the organisation through the lenses of a powerful human performance model in order to develop a tailored game-plan that we engage your leadership team in accepting and committing to.  This game-plan allows you, with minimum investment and maximum impact, to focus all your development efforts to give maximum return on investment and energy.

HPI Graphic

Great companies know that ‘Exceptional Performance’ is a function of how their human assets bring to life their physical and intellectual assets. Human Performance is the catalyst that enables the rest of your assets to deliver; without it they are at best sub-optimal and at worst pretty worthless.

The value this approach will deliver is substantial and can be summarised as:

  • Clarity of where to focus development efforts for maximum ROI and ROE (return on energy).
  • A Game-Plan for how to advance strategic business results through the ‘adaptive’ elements of human performance – the performance and interaction of leaders and teams.
  • Engaged Commitment from senior leaders and key influentials to volunteer their passion and discretionary effort to make improvement in business performance come alive.

This will result in a future proof and sustainable improvement process capable of delivering substantial business benefits.

We are offering this approach to a select number of our clients and close contacts who we know will benefit from its application.  If you are interested to hear more about this approach please let me know and I will arrange a meeting to discuss how you can benefit from its application in your organisation.