Develop Engaging Strategic Plans

One of the primary ingredients of organisational performance is human performance. The way people act, interact, communicate, engage and perform is key to the success of any enterprise. The people who work for you are one of your very few unique competitive assets and helping you master how to engage them well and focus the energy this engagement can release on strategically significant outcomes is where our Human Performance Consultancy Skills are used.

“When we started to work together I had a new global R&D Leadership team that needed a clear vision, strategy and a battle plan to deliver a much improved innovation pipeline for the Waters Division. I knew the importance of the human element in delivering this increased performance was well understood by Sensei. They link improved results, through improved actions; improved ideas to improved relationships and this linkage resonated well with my team. When working with Sensei be prepared to be challenged and you better have a sense of humour! The challenge can come wrapped in humour but it is challenge nonetheless so you need to be prepared and be ready to change…”

Christophe Perthuisot

VP R&D Waters Danone Research

Specific Support – we can help you:

Improve Productivity – Take a look at our HPI analysis and planning tool designed to give you a ‘read out’ of how well your organisation uses its Human Performance and create a tailored improvement plan designed to tap into the hidden productivity that exists in your organisation.

Simplify Strategy We help our clients craft a strategy that is simple yet elegant; provides lot’s of opportunities for future growth; is parsimonious in nature, in that it lacks nothing essential and contains nothing extraneous; and is owned and co-created by the leadership team.

As human performance specialists we have developed a range of practical tools to engage and win the hearts and minds of the people who have to make the strategy work. Tools such as our leadership team Strategic Health Check; our Strategic Wargames and our creative approach to Visions, Missions and all that Jazz.

Our aim is to make crafting a winning strategy as easy as learning to ride a bike. Jump on and start pedaling, we will act as your support; keep looking up and forward not down; expect a few scrapes along the way, so start small, think big, move fast and enjoy the challenge.

After all crafting strategy is great work. It is, or at least should be, one of the things that leaders do that sets them apart!

Gain valuable competitor Insights – have a look at our Strategic War Games approach which our clients use to anticipate a competitor reaction to a strategic play, introduction of new technology or product / service launch.

Change the culture of your organisation – this is an area where we can help you understand and progressively move your prevailing culture towards your strategic intent.