Summary of Keynote Talks

Unlocking productivityThe Leaders Role in Unlocking Hidden Productivity

This talk will explore how to access the discretionary effort people chose to deploy when they are fully engaged and enthused in the work they do. Using insights gleaned from working with some of the world’s leading organisations we will demonstrate what it takes to tap the natural curiosity, competitiveness and desire to win that exists in all of us and how to harness this energy in order to deliver significant results in your organisation.

Interlocking WheelsImproving ROE – getting a good return for the energy you invest in life

An idea is not worth much until someone is found who has the energy and ability to make it work. We all spend a lot of time and energy focusing on the things we consider important to us and can get frustrated when the energy that gets reflected back does not match our level of enthusiasm. In this talk we will share some tips based on our experience on how you can optimise your Return on Energy (ROE) and get the best from yourself and the people you work with.

 Conversation5 Conversations Leaders Need to Have to Succeed

This talk will explore the Five Conversations that hold the key to sustainable business success. These conversations will over time, create results-focused, collaboration-fostering and accountability-rich relationships. Sometimes the din of what is not said in organisations is quite frankly deafening. Authentic and meaningful conversations have the power to form and hold together teams and build real communities and are the enabling force from which sustainable business results are formed.

 Carrot & StickEmployee Motivation – It takes more than a Carrot and a Stick

Reward and punishment is a topic that is as old as the human race. Theories on motivation at work have evolved from Frederick Taylor’s 1900’s study on the impact of pay on worker performance, through the American psychologists B.F. Skinner’s 1940 theory on behaviorism, to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which he developed in the 1960’s. These studies were all suited to the ‘Industrial Age’, an age which thrived on reducing variation, improving efficiency and establishing control. However we are now in the ‘Information Age’ and we need to learn some new rules of the game. This talk will explore these new rules and how you can apply them to your organisation.

 Sharp pencilImproving ROI – a fresh way of justifying any investment

Creating a justifiable Return on Investment is a balancing act.  It is almost impossible to take emotion out of the equation as humans we are both rational and irrational beings and pretending we are otherwise is an exercise in futility. In order to fully understand ROI both sides of the cost and value equation should be considered. In this talk I will share some top tips on how to achieve this.

Einstein Everything should be as simple as possible Keep it Simple See It Work – the Leaders role in eliminating waste

This talk looks at the way many organisations unthinkingly introduce complexity into their ways of working. Using examples and insights from some of the world’s leading organisations we will discover how to eliminate complexity and the challenges this brings to the way leaders need to think and act. Beware! Organisations are full of ‘Burons’ (buracratic-morons) and this talk is not for them!

 Pneguins fightingLeadership Teams – why does 6+1 usually = <7?

Why is there always a gap, sometimes a sizable gap, between what people want from their leadership team and what they actually experience when the team meets? In this talk we will share the 3 basic foundations that make up a successful leadership team and give participants the chance to reflect and measure the gap that may exist in their leadership team and develop some practical solutions to close this gap.

Lighthouse leadership Lighthouse Leadership – the searchlight that can switch people off….

This talk will explore where leaders should focus their attention to avoid the trap of ‘Lighthouse Leadership’ – the continual shifting of priorities that saps the energy of everyone concerned. If you find yourself sitting in meetings reviewing the same old numbers, coming up with the same old tired actions then this is the talk for you. Discover how to create a higher purpose that transcends short term performance measures and how to use your focus and attention to catch ‘people doing it right’.

Nursery shotNuggets from the Nursery – reconnecting and using your imagination at work

 This talk will reflect on what happens to the creativity we had when we were three to five years old. Human beings of that age the most curious, creative and ideas-filled animals on the planet. What happens to that skill and why does our creativity seemingly desert us as we grow older and enter the world of work? I will also consider what we can do to create environments at work that enable people to re-connect with this long lost skill.

HopeOptimism and Hope – friends or foe?

 Leaders need to be ‘rational optimist’s’ and this talk will explore how we can focus on positive outcomes. The challenge of any leader is to be responsible, that is ‘able’ to ‘respond’ and we will look at the power of positive focus and how to look at the downside without feeling despair.

 Visual StoriesI See What You Are Saying – the power of visual stories

 This talk is the antidote to a plague that is spreading in organisations across the land and causing many people death by ‘Power-Point’. We will explore how to use pictures to communicate and why telling stories can bring a message to life in a way a ‘presentation’ never can. Insightful graphics transforms the quality of the interaction and stimulate higher quality discussions. As an overwhelming majority of us think in pictures we talk around the meaning, expose our assumptions and bridge into insightful discussions far more readily when pictures are around to act as a stimuli. This talk will give people the chance to experience this first hand.

Shamrock Shamrock Leadership Teams – is your leadership team structured for success?

This talk looks at the way most business leadership teams are structured. Typically they are being asked to do three very different things simultaneously. They have to strategise and plan the future; execute and deliver the present; and change, develop and grow the organisation in the mid-term. Maybe a Shamrock structure can help and this talk explains how.

 Tempus FugitTempus Fugit – It’s time for leaders to stop doing ‘Good’ work

Time flies when we are doing something that we really enjoy. Work in which we are really engaged and from which we derive real joy is precious work indeed. When Leaders experience this feeling the chances are they are doing ‘great’ work. This is work for which they are uniquely (or at least exceptionally) good at doing.

This talk will explore 3 types of work that leaders can be engaged in and share insights on how to find the time to do more ‘great’ work.

QuestionThe Power of Curiosity – you will never guess what I heard….

We are born curious and it is this primary emotion that drives us to learn and to listen. Why then is it that so much of the training we attend and the presentations we endure in the corporate world seem to ignore this key driver? If you are curious how you can change this in your organsiation then come along….

 Human TreadmillTime, Gravity and Treadmills – Stop squandering time it’s our most precious asset

This talk will reflect on the reality that compared to our parents, and certainly our grandparents, we are relatively cash rich but time poor. Yet many of us still insist on running our lives as if money is the scarce resource. In this leadership conversation I will explore some of the more insidious ways people and organisations have dreamt up to waste time and how the gravity of our ‘urgent’ operational activity has trapped most of us on a treadmill that we find hard to escape from.

 StressWork-Life Balance – an elusive ideal or a complete myth?

 This talk looks at the way we run our lives and we will explore 5 areas that can help each of us make more informed choices to help optimise our work life balance.

This is a challenge faced by everyone as we all live increasingly time pressured lives and we all struggle to do those important but not urgent things. Drawing on examples from successful leaders across a broad range of organisations we will share tactics that can make a real difference.

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