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Conference Facilitation and Keynote Speaking

We worked with Sensei to help us design and facilitate our SVP & VP Leadership Conference for three consecutive years in India. And every year, they bring fresh and exciting ideas to the table that help us achieve our ambitions. Our requirement demanded that we engage all our senior leaders through strategic brainstorm sessions and create a highly functional team who could accomplish tremendous amount of quality work in a very short span of time.  Sensei presented us with various approaches that enabled us to put our best foot forward and come up with strategies for business growth. Their biggest strength I believe was to create opportunities for us to collaborate more effectively and help us achieve the targets that we set for ourselves.

Our collaboration with Sensei has helped us leverage business growth by changing leadership mind-sets. We have had a pleasure working with Malcolm and the quality of work delivered by him consistently exceeds expectations. We recommend sensei as trusted consultants and advisors

Leena Nair

SVP Leadership and Organisation Development in Unilever

In addition to helping design and facilitate highly interactive and engaging conferences and leadership team events I have been asked to deliver a number of keynote talks. These talks can inform, educate and entertain and if you are looking for a keynote speaker to bring some outside in thinking to your event then please contact me.

One of the innovations we brought to the market to help you avoid the annual conference becoming a ritual and too samey was to develop a conference on the move concept. This  combines some of the ideas we have developed for our Leadership Journeys and applies them to the annual conference to make it a memorable and productive event that can deliver real value to your organisation.

If you require support for a forthcoming conference, leadership off-site meeting or simply require a facilitator or master of ceremonies for a special event or meeting then please contact us we would be delighted to help.