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Team Based Project Management Master Class

Sensei UKE Blended Training Master Class

Team Based Project Management

Aim: To equip participants with the skills and confidence needed to run projects effectively.


  • To share and understand a common project management framework and language
  • To build your skills, capabilities and confidence to enable you to run a project successfully
  • To share team management tools and techniques that will improve your ability to get the best from your project team
  • To enable the organisation to manage projects in a consistent way with reduced stress and a greater capability to improve business performance

Outline Design:

This masterclass is tailored to suit our clients’ needs and specific ways of working and typically lasts two days covering three interlocking strands of activity:

  • The tools needed to succeed with Projects – which we dovetail into the existing Project Management Process in the client.
  • The People and Team skills needed to enable projects succeed, and
  • Exercises and case studies that bring the tools to life and allow participants to practice new skills in a safe learning environment.

Detailed Content:

The masterclass is blended from the following tried and tested modules:

 Project Management Tools:

  • The Principles of good project management
  • Developing a Project Brief
  • Prioritising potential projects and managing a project portfolio
  • Developing a Project Structure & Organising for Success
  • Developing a Milestone Plan, Activity Schedules and Resource Planning
  • Creating a Stakeholder Map and Communications Plan
  • Conducting a Risk Analysis and developing a Risk Plan
  • Defining project organisation, change management processes and project control
  • Developing and tracking project budgets
  • Integrating Personal Development opportunities
  • Monitoring and reporting progress
  • Celebrating success
  • Completing Post Implementation Reviews

 People and Team Tools:

  • Creating a balanced team
  • Managing the team dynamics
  • Connecting with people from other areas / backgrounds
  • Influencing and negotiating skills
  • Gaining consensus
  • Handling conflict
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Creativity and out of the box thinking
  • Rewarding success
  • Setting personal development targets
  • Coaching team members
  • Working in Virtual Teams
  • Working effectively across different cultures

 Exercises & Case Studies:

These are designed to bring the modules to life and allow participants to practise new skills in a safe learning environment. In the past we have;

  • Used examples of good and bad projects within the client as examples for discussion
  • Developed work related case studies that highlight the issues typically faced by the client
  • Used fictitious case studies that are designed to highlight specific issues that may be more relevant to a future issue not yet experienced in the client, e.g. moving to a Global structure; merging new organisational entities together; having to work in a ‘virtual’ team etc.
  •  Most of the people and team skills have exercises and short role play challenges that bring the key learning point’s home to all participants.

If you want to find out how we can shape and design this masterclass to meet your specific requirements please contact us.