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Leadership 2020 – the times they are a changing…….

Who is it for?

High potential people who you consider capable of taking up leadership roles in the next 2 to 3 years.

How will it work?

Participants will be taken on a learning journey lasting at least 2 years. They will be formed into learning sets consisting of a minimum of 12 and a maximum of 16 people made up of participants from leading organisations across their region. We will limit the number of participants per learning set to a maximum of 4 per organisation in order to optimise the opportunity to learn from different organisations, cross-fertilize thinking and develop ideas and solutions to common problems using different mind-sets and insights throughout the learning journey.

Each participant will be allocated a leadership coach from our organisation and a mentor from within your own organisation who will support them throughout the whole programme. Each learning set will participate in a series of highly engaging and impactful learning sessions, conducted via interactive off-site workshops and themed webinars, spread evenly throughout the 2 years. The key areas of focus will be on the four fundamental aspects of leadership, namely:

  • Leading Yourself – all the aspects of intra-personal skills and emotional intelligence needed to help participants be the best they can be.
  • Leading Others – all the aspects on inter-personal skills needed to help participants get the best from those they work with.
  • Leading Your Function / Area – all the aspects of leadership required to create and realise a vision and deliver a strategy for their area of the organisation.
  • Leading Change – all the aspects of leadership required to become effective change makers in their organisation.

In addition to these learning sessions each participant will be expected to engage in a number of Action Learning Projects throughout the learning journey. As the name implies these projects will be designed to create the opportunity for leadership skills to be put into practice in real life projects that will deliver substantial value. The aim will be to make the Leadership 2020 programme at least self-funding and where possible generate additional value to the sponsoring organisation.

At least one of these Action Learning Projects will be aimed at providing value in the community so that the programme puts something back into the community in the region. This also provides the chance for leadership skills to be deployed absent authority, technical knowledge and experience. This will push participants outside their comfort zones in a personally rewarding way and our experience has shown that lessons learned in these circumstances can be quite literally, priceless.

Investment and ROI

Participation in this programme is a medium term strategic investment into the key people in your organisation and as such should be reserved for those people that you consider have the latent talent, capacity, attitude and desire to become future leaders in your organisation. They will be expected to dedicate up to 1 day per month to this programme and the mentors should be able to provide 2 hours every quarter to support each participant.

The Leadership 2020 programme will require a financial investment of c£3k per participant spread over 2 years. Our aim is for this financial investment to be recouped via the focused Action Learning Projects that will be shaped around your organisations’ current strategic and operational plans. The leadership challenge for each participant will be to deliver a great return on the investment their organisation is making in them over the duration of the two year learning journey.

The ultimate value is to deliver future leaders capable, confident and ready to take up the challenge of delivering your strategic intent and thereby future proofing your organisation by retaining and developing your existing talent.

Our Credentials

In the North East region Leadership 2020 will be led by Malcolm Follos. Malcolm, who is based in the North East, will work with this colleagues in The Changemaker Group to shape and deliver the learning journey to match the needs of the participating organisations and the participants themselves.

You can check Malcolm’s credentials, client base and testimonials at https://senseiuke.com/our-clients

The Change Maker Group is a collaborative group of consultants, facilitators, trainers and leadership coaches who have many years’ experience working with some of the world’s leading organisations in both the private and public sector. They all share a passion to develop new talent and their skills and experience make them ideally placed to help the talent in your organisation as they prepare to take up their new leadership roles. You can check out the credentials of The Change Maker Group at http://thechangemakergroup.com/changemakers

Next Steps

If you are interested in finding out more about this Leadership 2020 programme and how it can benefit your organisation then please contact Malcolm at E>mfollos@senseiuke.com or give him a call on 07768 596380.