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Our Blended Training Solutions

Sensei have continued to partner with Hermes in the development of a senior leadership group, developing and delivering bespoke content that gave a good balance of theoretical models with practical business content.  The Sensei team ensured that the skills, knowledge and capabilities transferred were embedded within Hermes and helped the Directors of the business to ensure that the programme delivered value, business context and provided the required stretch for our people.

Thomas Huscroft

Head of Talent & Organisational Development Hermes

What are Blended Training Solutions?

FD to CEO: “What happens if we spend all this time and money on developing our  managers and then they decide to leave?”  

CEO: “What happens if we don’t and they decide to stay?”

Our research shows that developing people is an important yet rarely urgent aspect of all leaders’ jobs. Sensei’s blended training approach is designed to future proof your organisation by creating development programmes designed to attract talent to your organisation and create a leaning experience that will deliver immediate and significant strategic and operational benefits.

  • Our blended training programmes appeal to talent that want to make their mark on your organisation, as they will create the opportunity to showcase what they can do.
  • Your people will be stretched, developed and will enjoy the process of learning adaptive skills that are relevant to your current issues landscape. This is not some academic exercise, it is learning using current reality as the crucible for sustainable personal development.
  • Your organisation will raise the bar on current performance and benefit from the application of proven, pragmatic tools and techniques that have been tried and tested in some of the world’s leading organisations and will be tailored by your people to work in your organisation.

 Specific Support

Our blended training programmes start with a co-creation session where we share our design principles and you share your current reality and your aspirations for the training programme. We then work together to tailor a development programme that matches your needs and will succeed within your current operating constraints. To see the design principles and blended training features we will share with you please click here.

We have developed many different blended training and development programmes over the years, an example of some of the most popular are to help you:

Leadership 2020-  The trouble with the future is that it isn’t what it used to be. The leaders of the future need to be able to adapt their leadership style to be able to span the  generations from Baby Boomers to the digital generation Milleniums. In this tailored leadership development programme we equip your future leaders with the skills, capabilities and most importantly the confidence to ensure you have a strong leadership pipeline. Click here to find out more details or take a look at our white paper on this topic where we explore the challenges this creates for organisations looking to develop the next generation of leaders and how we have helped them create the next generation of leadership development programmes.

Succeed with multidisciplinary project teams – So much work these days is done via multidisciplinary, often geographically dispersed, project teams. We developed our Team Based Project Management approach to help our clients have the skills needed to succeed with these project teams. Take our free Project Management Health Check to discover where your areas of improvement may lie. Click here for the health check document.

Masterclass Sessions –  We appreciate that one of the biggest hurdles to overcome with any personal development investment is finding the time to learn. To help overcome this we have developed a number of short, 2 to 3 hour highly interactive and impactful Masterclass training sessions that are designed to fit into the busy working week. They are designed to help people learn a new skill, tool and /or technique and are proving very popular. Click here to see examples of recent Masterclass sessions created for our clients. If you are interested to find out what we can do for you then please contact us and we can discuss your requirements.