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Top Tips for Improving Return on Energy

Child in classroomShow that you care – Getting to know someone as a person and not just a job role, is key to the relationship you can build with them. The stronger the relationship you have with someone the more likely it is that you will have authentic conversations that matter. These conversations are important in creating new ideas and play a big role in developing opportunities from which better quality actions can emerge. It is these better quality actions that deliver better quality results. No partnership or team’ performance will ever rise above the ceiling that the quality of their relationship puts on their interactions.

Set compelling targets – Set performance targets worth striving for. People are naturally competitive, they like to win. It takes real skill to set targets that are stretching and worth changing behaviour for. Setting targets that are perceived as unattainable will de-motivate, setting targets that are incremental will not motivate either. The sweet spot is to set a target that engages the head (I know why I have to reach it) and the heart (I want to reach it).

Start Radical Action Conversations – We spend a lot of time talking about things that we can do little about or that will produce modest benefit. A radical action conversation gets to the heart of the matter quickly, it enables people to explore the root of the issue or opportunity and encourages them to take bold, radical steps to address the issue or realise the opportunity. The result should be a commitment to take a radical action that will really make a difference.

Protect Possibility – The life expectancy of new ideas can often be measured in seconds! When new thinking and new ideas emerge try and restrict the critical voices, especially the one in your own head, giving new ideas and new thinking a chance. Always acknowledge new ideas and see if they can be applied and consider what would have to change to make them work. This will help you see your own sacred cows and expose unsaid assumptions about what can and can’t be done around here.

Provoke the Future – The past is history, the future a mystery and today is a gift that’s why it’s called ‘the present’. Let go of the past and use the present to invent the future in all that you do. No matter what happened in the past it is done you cannot undo it so don’t worry about it too much. You can affect how you respond to today and you can plan and create a better future and this is where your energy needs to be focused. The future is a canvas onto which you can paint a picture – you can paint heaven or you can paint hell but choose well as you have the brush!

Claim Accountability. You are responsible for your reactions. How you respond to the challenges life throws at you will determine how successful you are and how happy you are. Be aware of the state you are in – you can only be in one of two states, productive or unproductive – choose wisely.

Live Vitality. Connect with life and live it to the full. Get some exercise, eat well and sleep well. Your body needs energy and stimulus to flourish; it is a vessel for your journey through life so look after it!

Appreciate Potential. Let people volunteer their passion and let them surprise you. We are all fascinating people with a story to tell, so let the people around you live their life to the full and encourage and applaud when they do so.