New for Autumn 2022 – Leaders of the Future Programme

The Challenge

Your talent is mobile. The post-pandemic world of hybrid working means that capable people can now move quickly and seamlessly to new positions with employers anywhere around the world.

Established global organisations as well as exciting start-up companies are starting to fish in your talent pool via clever social media campaigns and direct approaches to your key players. Their offer is often based on lucrative opportunities, fast-track career development and excitement for young leaders keen to accelerate their careers with an organisation they can relate to. Such organisations know that attracting new talent is imperative if they are to meet their growth aspirations. For them this is mission critical activity.

To some extent the flow of talent through any organisation should be encouraged, especially when they talent leaves for a role that is a natural next-step for their personal career development that you cannot offer them. They should be applauded and wished well on their way.

Replacing this talent is however an expensive and risky business. Recruitment processes are far from perfect, induction and on-boarding takes time and consumes scarce resource and the time to impact for new starters can make it a long time before you get back to your starting position.

The Solution

It is far cheaper and more effective to develop the leadership talent you have in a way that encourages them to stay. Young talent will stay if they are given the chance to make a difference, are suitably rewarded and become part of a cadre of similar mind-set people keen to be grow and develop in their role together.

Our LOF Programme

Leadership is a ‘contact sport’, so our LOF programmes are flexible and highly engaging. Over a period of around 4 months we take your young leaders through 4 critical leadership themes that will help them to become skilled and confident leaders of the future. These themes are:

  • Leadership of Self
  • Leadership of Others
  • Leadership of Teams
  • Leadership of Change

Our programme is modular and highly configurable so we can match your organisations need for future leadership talent. It contains several leading edge learning tools and models, and has been designed to be delivered in a hybrid-working environment. Features of the macro-design include:

  • Remote seminars and webinars delivered by highly experienced trainers and leaders;
  • Face-to-face events to enable relationships to be built;
  • Self-study, ‘pupil turned teacher’ focused learning, covering topics relevant to your organisation;
  • Access to E-learning platform using our ‘SmartUp’ mobile learning platform;
  • Coaching from one of our professional coaching team to provide individual tailoring and accelerated personal development;
  • Mentoring from one of your senior leaders enabling important tacit knowledge to be unlocked;
  • Active learning sets where the learning can be put into practice and value can be delivered to repay the investment made in the programme.


If you need to retain your talent and feed your future leadership pipeline, and you want a tailored cost competitive approach designed to meet your organisations needs, then contact me and we can start a conversation.