How we can help

The organisations choosing Sensei as a partner have one thing in common; they recognise that the only way to deliver sustainable and improved results is by taking better quality actions. As the old adage says ‘If you always do what you always do, you will get what you always get’. It is by doing things differently that sustainable improvement occurs and this means taking on embedded habits and ritualistic behaviours and finding new more innovative and productive ways to accomplish the organisations’ aims. This is the essence of how I help my clients.

Better quality actions require better quality opportunities. There is nothing quite as dangerous as a single idea, or common belief on how things should be done, which is firmly held by the senior leadership and goes unchallenged by anyone else in the organisation. I help organisations question and challenge these embedded beliefs and create the environment where divergent thinking is encouraged and new ideas and actions can flourish and grow.

To do this I help our clients have authentic and ‘radical action conversations’ designed to deepen and improve the quality of their business relationships.

It is by investing in these areas that real sustainable improvements in results can be delivered and this is what I mean when I say ‘We do the really hard part of the soft stuff.’

“I have worked with Malcolm as a trusted adviser over several years, he has helped me maximize efficiencies within my organization. His deep knowledge and expertise, as well as his personal style achieved the promised deliverables via highly engaging, and at times entertaining, facilitation techniques. Malcolm helped me and my leadership team to face up to the change we had to make with high energy, impactful facilitation injecting the appropriate sense of urgency and some good humour along the way.”

Chris Housmekerides

Reckitt’s, SVP R&D Hygiene and Home

Seek first to understand” – is the credo that governs how Sensei approach consultancy work. That coupled with “start with the end in mind” are two of Stephen Covey’s 7 habits that neatly describe how I approach our work with all our clients.

I learned very early in my consultancy careers that clients know more about their organisation than I ever will so I approach all new assignments with a sense of curiosity and humility. I often ask deliberately naïve, yet probing questions to help unearth the real issues that usually sit well below the water line. Once I have an understanding of the real issues I co-create solutions with my clients, solutions that will resonate within their organisation culture and then I hold our collective ‘feet to the fire’ to ensure we follow through and deliver the results in a sustainable way.

If you would like me to help you improve the performance of your organisation please do not hesitate to contact us.