Key Questions

To get a sense of how we work with you here are a selection of typical ‘key questions’ we may ask that will enable us to decide how we can best help you succeed.

  • Where is the biggest gap between aspiration and reality in your business?
  • Is this a ‘knowing’ or a ‘doing’ gap and when and why did it appear?
  • If we define a ‘problem’ as ‘a plateau where a platform should be’, what is the biggest current problem in your business – in terms of impact?
  • Why has the problem not already been solved?
  • Is the problem primarily intellectual (what we know – knowledge deficits, diagnostic issues), emotional (how we act and behave – different agendas or dysfunctional relationships) or volitional (what we do – failure to act or things getting in the way of our being able to)? If all three apply, in what percentages does each contribute? How do you know?
  • Has this always been a problem or has it become worse at a particular point in time? If so, was there a triggering event?
  • All businesses have issues with some element of collaboration, cooperation or pass-off chains. Where is the biggest interface issue in your business? Is it in teams or between teams? How do you know?
  • Where do you most wish you could get greater collaboration, focus or discretionary effort in your business? Why? And which of these three do you wish for most there?
  • Would you be satisfied with continuous improvement in all aspects of your business? Are there any areas where you need discontinuous improvement?
  • What is the greatest example of limiting logic in your business? Where does it show up? Why does it show up? How do you know?
  • What is the greatest passion killer in your business? How do you know? What impact does it have?
  • If you were your own competitor, how would you beat yourself? What are you doing to address this?Does your culture provide you a competitive advantage? In what way is it an advantage if so? How do you know? What words would you use to describe your culture? What evidence would you point to?
  • Where through leadership could you add greater value to the assets available to you? Of these areas, which is the greatest priority? Why?What are the three biggest behaviors you wish every leader at each level of your organisation would display which is of greatest relevance to your success? Why do you say so and why would it matter? How do you think your leaders would score today? How do you know?
  • If you could wave a magic wand and change one key thing that most contributes to your success what would it be? Why? What are its adaptive dimensions? Are you and your fellow key leaders aligned on this?
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