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We work as trusted advisers so all the work we do is designed with you and carefully tailored to meet your specific needs.


Sensei’s approach to consulting revolves around engaging human performance. It is an evolution of an approach called process consulting. The ‘process’ refers to ‘human processes’. The approach of linking human performance to business results is not just a collection of techniques to be compared to some other set of techniques. It is a fundamental paradigm about how we actually confer value to our clients.

The central belief is that no matter the technical aspects of any problem or opportunity, whether it relates to strategy, customer acquisition or retention, talent, finance, marketing, R&D, IT or anything else, human beings are involved. In fact, not only are human beings involved, but they create the processes by which these things are addressed and deployed. And the primary way human beings process anything is by interacting with each other. It is in this area that we will help you succeed.

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