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The Client: Unilever is one of the world’s leading fast-moving consumer goods companies with products sold in over 190 countries. More than 2 billion consumers worldwide use a Unilever product on any given day. Unilever have three global divisions; Food; Healthcare; and Personal Care and sensei have been asked to work in all three, in most of the regions of the world they operate in.

The Work We Do: Many of the leaders in Unilever have chosen sensei as a trusted business adviser, team coach and event facilitator over the last few years. Our work with Unilever has mostly been helping leaders get the best from their people and injecting discipline and creativity into their team and leadership events and conferences.

During our long relationship we have designed and deployed several ‘leadership journeys’ world-wide and these have helped their global category and regional leadership teams accelerate their journey towards high performance. We have also designed and facilitated several strategic War Game sessions for many of their categories and we continue to coach and work with many of the regional leaders and global brand teams, helping them with their challenges and achievements. Unilever use sensei as a trusted adviser and experienced facilitator and executive coach for any challenge where they need to get a diverse set of participants quickly focused on a strategic task and working well together. Our ability to design and flex our approach and our challenging and engaging facilitation style works really well in their highly diverse, high performing operating environment. Recent work has included helping an R&D center within one of the global categories address their prevailing culture and effectively respond to their global people survey by progressively shifting the operating culture.