The Client:  ITV are a hugely successful independent television company that have prospered in recent years and embraced the explosion and diversity in media production. With over 17 different companies the growth and acquisition has created a large number of successful channels. They moved to  a Finance Shared Services model a number of years ago in order to improve the quality and consistency of back office financial services,  and their Business Shared Services Centre (BSS) is based in their media city offices.

The Challenge: Like any forward thinking function, the BSS wanted to ensure that their strategic intent and aspirations were clear, compelling and aligned with the Finance Function and wider ITV strategy.  With a new leadership team in place, Jim Simpson the Head of the BSS also wanted to make sure that the team were as effective as they could be in the way they worked together.

The Work We Did: We worked with Jim and his team to design and deliver an approach that would enable them to align the whole of the BSS against a clear strategic intent and set of strategic aspirations.  The first session we ran was with the BSS Leadership Team, in this we helped the team agree their strategic landscape, complete with aspirations, headwinds and tailwinds and a high level set of Strategic Tasks which would enable the delivery of their aspirations.  The leadership team then refined the output a little, before we ran the second workshop with a wider or extended leadership team.  It was at this workshop that ownership was disseminated, the strategic plan developed in greater detail and the mechanisms by which they would control and manage progress agreed.  The result was a strategic plan that had real presence throughout the BSS, visible, high profile and nearly all of the team having a chance to contribute and support.  As a result the BSS continued to go from strength to strength, improving its service delivery and absorbing changes and additions to service highly efficiently.

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