The Client:  Allergan plc is focused on developing, manufacturing and commercialising branded pharmaceutical device, biological, surgical and regenerative medicine products for patients around the world.

The Work We Do:   We have worked with their Biosimilars R&D division based in Speke near Liverpool. As a trusted adviser, working with the CEO and his executive team  we have helped craft a local strategy and agenda for change and used this to support the growth of the organisation over several years. We have facilitated several session with the extended leadership team helping them tackle the inevitable challenges that emerge post-merger and acquisition.

Working with the local HR partner we have developed a number of blended training solutions designed to give their scientists the skills, capabilities and confidence they need as they take up management and leadership positions. Finally, we have  provided breakthrough coaching support to  a number of their senior executives and high potential young mangers.

Client video testimonial.

Client post merger and acquisition story.

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