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Behaviour Nudging – Insights into a framework to help you implement organisational change.

We all have embedded psychological biases that pre-determine how we respond to familiar situations. Deciding to read this blog for example, some will click here and read on, some will not. The decision you take is driven by your curiosity and perceived value biases. The curious will get access to the value on offer, the time pressured miss out. It…

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The Role of Serendipity in Innovation – why we still need those face to face moments

The technology that sits behind the vaccines that we hope will release the world from lock-down, nearly did not see the light of day. Katalin Kariko, a researcher at the University of Pennsylvania, spent 15 years investigating messenger RNA, the genetic material that acts as a kind of courier in the body, transporting recipes from our DNA to the cells…

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How to Shape an Agile Hybrid Organisation

The Global Pandemic has redefined the ‘art of the possible’ for all of us. The fast and effective adoption of technology to enable virtual working is one Genie that will never go back into the bottle. Leaders and managers around the globe are looking to embrace this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and create a more agile, hybrid way of working. This has…

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Move a ‘No’ to a ‘Yes’ – how to get people to change their minds

It is evidently clear that personality traits vary from situation to situation. I have used the highly simplified equation; Personality + Situation = Behaviour to demonstrate this reality for many years. This shows that although personalities can be wide and varied, and of course influence how people respond, the other key variable is the situation they find themselves in. We…

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The Future is Not What it Used to Be – how to protect your organisation from future crisis.

The global pandemic has created a fog of uncertainty which has engulfed most organisations. Doubling down on costs, shortening planning horizons and troubleshooting the real issues and challenges required to survive, has been the order of the day around the private sector world. This is a totally understandable short term reaction to the threats C-19 created. This tyranny of the…

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Trust & Delegation – the path to employee growth

The recent lock-down and remote working has been a nightmare for micro-managers everywhere. The inability to control all aspects of work in their area of accountability has caused increased stress and worry, pushing several micro-managers close to the edge. Conversely, those managers who are used to delegating and implicitly trust their team to get on with their tasks and to…

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The Leaders Role as a Playmaker

Leaders Beware: The behaviours that got you promoted will not necessarily be the behaviours that enable you to succeed in a leadership role Leaders get promoted for a variety of reasons, some within their zone of influence, some outside. The humility required to realise this reality is a key ingredient for leaders to succeed in their new role. The lessons…

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