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Helping People Change

2021 marks 34 years in the Change Management profession for me and I am still learning how to help people change. It is an endlessly fascinating subject. I never cease to be amazed at the creativity that is unleashed when someone is confronted with a challenge to change. The reasons why they cannot lean into this challenge are seemly endless!…

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Working from Anywhere – A Strategic & Leadership Challenge for 2021

The global pandemic has posed leaders many short-term challenges to overcome. They have had to pivot product applications and services as well as finding new ways of working pretty much overnight. Those that have succeeded now face a far more interesting conundrum to ponder. Will ‘Working from Anywhere’ become the default organisational design from now on, and if so, is…

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Meaningful Agility

Building the capability to win in your teams Agility in and of itself can bring many benefits, leading as it does to change resilience and the reactive capacity and confidence to tackle whatever life throws at us. Meaningful agility however goes one step further, it harnesses energy and proclivities and focusses them into areas and activities that matter. The additional…

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Leadership Mind-Sets to Survive & Thrive

Insights for Leaders facing the uncertainty of our current reality There are very few organisations that have emerged from the lock-down period without some forced- flexibility being part of their current ways of working. For leaders this has been a period where leadership styles, habits and rituals have all been put under the spotlight. Like everyone else, leaders have had…

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Leaders – maybe it’s your habits that set you apart?

What makes leaders different from the rest? This is a question that has tickled the minds of the curious for a very long time. I have heard lots of explanations, read many books, studied several ‘models’ and ‘theories’, listened to many professors and guru’s wax lyrical on the topic. The inevitable conclusion is that the answer to this question has…

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Leading a Hybrid Workplace – Tips for building a productive workforce when your people are spread far and wide

The lock-down period has blown away the stubborn resistance some leaders and managers had towards home working. It is clear that for many, but not all, home working is not only possible, it is desirable. It has delivered hidden productivity gains, provided the opportunity for increased flexibility and an improved feeling of personal control. What is not to like? Well…

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The Future is Not What it Used to Be – how to protect your organisation from future crisis.

The global pandemic has created a fog of uncertainty which has engulfed most organisations. Doubling down on costs, shortening planning horizons and troubleshooting the real issues and challenges required to survive, has been the order of the day around the private sector world. This is a totally understandable short term reaction to the threats C-19 created. This tyranny of the…

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Trust & Delegation – the path to employee growth

The recent lock-down and remote working has been a nightmare for micro-managers everywhere. The inability to control all aspects of work in their area of accountability has caused increased stress and worry, pushing several micro-managers close to the edge. Conversely, those managers who are used to delegating and implicitly trust their team to get on with their tasks and to…

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