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The Future is Uncertain……so what’s new?

Forecasting is a risky business and forecasting the future is particularly challenging, but as leaders we have no choice. As we look out to the future the start of 2017 heralds the most uncertain business strategic landscape for many a year. A quick review of the predications made at this time last year will confirm that listening to ‘experts’, in whatever field, provides…

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The 3 Key Ingredients You Need for New Thinking to Occur

There is plenty of evidence around us that demonstrates us we are living though some unprecedented challenges to our conventional way of thinking. Just about the only thing we can say for certain about the future is that what will happen is uncertain. So, now more than ever, we need to stop and think about the way we think about…

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Use your Head or follow your Heart – The impact of our Minds-Eye on our decision making ability

When making decisions we are predisposed to use both insight and intuition. Insight is the view our minds-eye has of the world around us and is primarily rational in nature whilst intuition, (literally tuition from within), is what we feel about the world right now. They are both by definition, unique to us and can significantly alter the effectiveness of…

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Bringing Vision and Strategy to Life

Far too many vision statements and accompanying strategy presentations put people to sleep. Leaders find them difficult to present and participants find them even more difficult to listen to. They are full of corporate and management speak that fails to engage the heart as well as the head of the people they are developed by and for. Enough of this nonsense. This annual ritual…

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Building a Global R&D Strategy – a case study

Building a Global R&D Strategy – and developing a high potential global leadership team in the process. The Client – A €21 billion global food business employing over 100,000 people around the world. The head of the global R&D function for the €4.2 billion Waters division leads a globally dispersed senior R&D team that lead the development of new product innovations for…

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Mobilising a Complex Multi-Discipline Project – a case study

Mobilising a complex project – getting a multi-disciplinary project off to the best possible start. The Client – A global world-class infrastructure and services business with a turnover of c£10 billion. The bid director asked us to help him mobilise a £16m regional infrastructure project that had ‘preferred bidder’ status. The project was to design and build 16 Fire Stations across the North West of the…

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Accelerate Innovation – a case study

Team Based Project Management – giving professionals the technical and adaptive skills they need to succeed with global projects The Client – A global force in household, health and personal care branded consumer and household goods. The company has sales of over £10 billion and consistently grows ahead of the industry due to relentless innovation in its leading power brands….

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Fast, Flexible Innovation – a case study

Fast, Flexible Innovation – redesigning the New Product Development Process for a Global Drinks Vending Machine company. The Challenge – The aim of this assignment was to develop a vision and a strategy to turn the R&D and Quality areas into a highly flexible organisation capable of delivering the innovation required to meet challenging strategic growth targets. The vision was…

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Back to School – New Term, New Ideas.

September has a new term feel to it, even for those of us whose children have long since flown the nest. It is a time of change, as summer gives way to autumn and we all begin to re-focus on what needs to be done to hit this years’ objectives and achieve this years’ goals. It is tempting to work harder at what has worked well so…

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