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Strategy & Culture – The 2 main levers leaders can pull to make their mark

Strategy provides clarity, direction and focus for collective change work and I have written a lot about this topic in previous blogs. Check out ‘Strategy as a little black dress‘ and ‘Visions, missions and all that jazz’ as two examples. Culture by contrast is far more elusive and esoteric, made up as it is of unspoken ‘truths’, embedded rituals, incumbent…

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View from the Coach Window – what value do the passengers get?

Much has been written about the value of having a coach, mainly by people like myself who offer coaching as a professional service and who are looking to encourage more people to consider having a coach! Obviously I see no harm in this noble aim, however in this article I wanted to reflect on this topic through the eyes of…

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August in the Office – Some time to think and some things to do….

Late July and August is a strange time in the business world. A quiet few weeks loom large as your colleagues take their holidays and the usual round of ‘regular’ meetings are interrupted and welcome gaps appear in your hectic schedule. This can be a discombobulating time for busy leaders used to rushing from one ‘important’ meeting to another, what…

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Need to build Personal Resilience? Got a pile of manure? Then look for the donkey!

I very frequently apply the insight from my donkey story to whatever life experiences I am currently facing. This is a story about research conducted with two boys. One was placed in a room full of toys and the other was placed in a room full of manure and they were left alone for the day. When the researchers returned,…

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When the going gets tough, the tough………. appear to resign!

What is happening to our leaders in the UK? If the current rate of resignations in politics, football and prime time car shows continues then there will be few left to lead anything in a few weeks’ time! I believe we have to accept that we cannot ask a leader to lead if the direction required goes against their long…

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Superman, Luther or You? Some thoughts on being the leader you need to be….

In 2013, Ashridge gathered the views of over 200 managers about the changing nature of leadership¹. The overriding sentiment was around a paradoxical need for, and rejection of, heroic leaders. They concluded that heroism is still important but the nature of heroism has changed. Today’s heroes cannot be the slightly detached ‘ruling class’ as expectations of ‘followers’ have changed, they…

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