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New Ideas Needed? Try a change of scenery

Several years ago I observed something quite extraordinary. I was working with a leadership team helping them tackle their strategic, leadership and operational challenges and we were beginning to run out of ideas. I noticed I was hearing the same voices, saying the same things, reinforcing the current reality and witnessing the deflation of hope. Sound familiar? We took a…

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5 Critical Leadership Conversations

There is a critical but largely ignored aspect of leadership success, the conversations that leaders have that are designed to engage, enthuse, direct and motivate their work colleagues to deliver sustainable improved results. The quality of conversation in an organisation is an accurate barometer to the quality of the thinking taking place and therefore largely determines the quality of the work that…

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Trust – the key ingredient for employee engagement.

Leaders know that high levels of trust are required to get the best from their organisation, yet creating a culture of trust can be a challenge for many organisations who are beset with well embedded working practises and bureaucratic processes that do little to help. Leaders understand the stakes, at least in principle. In its 2016 global CEO survey PWC reported that…

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New Year, New Energy, New Projects….

The new year is traditionally a time to start new projects. There is often a collective sense of anticipation that lasts a while and can be used to fuel new initiatives and new projects, an energy that should not be wasted. I find the metaphor of a coach journey works well to explain how to get new projects to succeed. The first decision is to…

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Where has all the bad news gone….? The Power of Positive Focus

Several weeks of saturation Olympic and Paralympic coverage by the BBC and Channel 4 here in the UK has left most of us feeling very proud, sated with sport and, dare I say, happy! The successes just kept on coming as the GB team surpassed all expectations and reached a record medal haul for an overseas games. The UK news seemed to reveal new…

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When the going gets tough, the tough………. appear to resign!

What is happening to our leaders in the UK? If the current rate of resignations in politics, football and prime time car shows continues then there will be few left to lead anything in a few weeks’ time! I believe we have to accept that we cannot ask a leader to lead if the direction required goes against their long…

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Superman, Luther or You? Some thoughts on being the leader you need to be….

In 2013, Ashridge gathered the views of over 200 managers about the changing nature of leadership¹. The overriding sentiment was around a paradoxical need for, and rejection of, heroic leaders. They concluded that heroism is still important but the nature of heroism has changed. Today’s heroes cannot be the slightly detached ‘ruling class’ as expectations of ‘followers’ have changed, they…

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Bringing Vision and Strategy to Life

Far too many vision statements and accompanying strategy presentations put people to sleep. Leaders find them difficult to present and participants find them even more difficult to listen to. They are full of corporate and management speak that fails to engage the heart as well as the head of the people they are developed by and for. Enough of this nonsense. This annual ritual…

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The Journey from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I Can’ and ‘I Won’t’ to ‘I Will’ – the creation of Change Makers

“You either think you can or you think you can’t – either way you will be right” Henry Ford is credited with this insightful observation of people’s response to the challenge of change. It shines a light on the power of mind-set  and attitude when confronting change and gives us all a clue on how to take people on a journey from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I…

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