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Back to School – New Term, New Ideas.

September has a new term feel to it, even for those of us whose children have long since flown the nest. It is a time of change, as summer gives way to autumn and we all begin to re-focus on what needs to be done to hit this years’ objectives and achieve this years’ goals. It is tempting to work harder at what has worked well so…

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Time to think about the way we think about things…..

Take a moment and have a think. When was the last time you thought about the way you think about things? It is a question rarely asked, especially by ourselves and is one that I believe is worth asking if we are to cope with the pressures of the 24/7, always ‘on’ world we all now occupy. When we did…

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The Wheel of Life – a simple tool to bring balance into your life

It is time we gave ourselves a break. The person on the planet that perpetually gives us the hardest time is ourselves. We are all very skilled and highly practiced at beating ourselves up and I believe it is high time we stopped. In this article I will share a deceptively simple tool that was originally created by Paul J. Meyer,…

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Work-Life Balance – an elusive ideal or a complete myth?

The current generation of leaders are fighting an onslaught of activity and urgent communication that like a screaming child demands their attention; is in danger of swamping their lives; and is preventing them engaging in a meaningful way, either at work, or at home. In this short article we will explore 5 areas that can help leaders make informed choices…

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‘ADAPTIVE’ v ‘TECHNICAL’ – A King’s Quest To Find A Voice

I had a rare trip to the cinema this weekend to see ‘The King’s Speech’, starring the excellent Colin Firth as the stammering Berty, King George VI. The story follows the relationship between the Royal as he moves from being a Duke to a reluctant King in a pre‐war Britain and an unorthodox Australian speech therapist called Lionel Logue, splendidly played by Geoffrey Rush. The moving story shows how the friendship…

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Compared to our parents, and certainly compared to our grandparents, we live in a cash‐rich and time‐poor age. Yet many of us still insist on running our lives as if money is the scarce resource. In this leadership conversation I will explore some of the more insidious ways people and organisations have dreamt up to waste time and how the…

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HOW TO WIN – Tapping the Power of Discretionary Effort

The British Olympic 4 man rowing team decided to set themselves a goal for the Beijing Olympics – it was simple, clear and compelling – ‘we have to beat the Australians’. They knew that by doing this they stood a great chance of winning Gold. They did not stop there however, but framed a potentially behaviour modifying question, ‘Will it make the boat go faster?’, and they…

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I see what you’re saying…..the power of visual stories

I have been fascinated by Stephen Fry’s new series on BBC2’s ‘Planet Word’ that sets out to explain the origins of words and language and how we attach our emotions and in some cases our very identity, to the words and phrases we choose to use. “Be careful of the words you say, keep them short and sweet. You never…

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