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The Leader as a Coach – Time to stop being advice giving maniacs?

There are many different leadership models that enthusiastically declare how many leadership styles exist, ranging from the pragmatic to the prosaic. From 3 core styles in some theories, to up to 12 in others. Try this: Google ‘Leadership Styles’ and you will get 14.1 million results, so it is fair to say we are not short of advice on this…

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View from the Coach Window – what value do the passengers get?

Much has been written about the value of having a coach, mainly by people like myself who offer coaching as a professional service and who are looking to encourage more people to consider having a coach! Obviously I see no harm in this noble aim, however in this article I wanted to reflect on this topic through the eyes of…

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10 Habits for Highly Effective Leaders

(Adapted from Steven Covey’s “7 HABITS OF HIGHLY EFFECTIVE PEOPLE” and enriched by Sensei) Habit #1 Respond rather than React: To be proactive means to act in advance and to act on things rather than letting them act on us. It states that, between stimulus and response, there is space which is called freedom. Being response-able means we choose our…

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Trust – the key ingredient for employee engagement.

Leaders know that high levels of trust are required to get the best from their organisation, yet creating a culture of trust can be a challenge for many organisations who are beset with well embedded working practises and bureaucratic processes that do little to help. Leaders understand the stakes, at least in principle. In its 2016 global CEO survey PWC reported that…

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Mastery of Self – Our Learning Preference

Learning to lead starts with learning how to lead ourselves. Our own habits and rituals will determine to a large extent how effective a leader we become and a good place to start understanding this, is by looking at how our habits and rituals are formed. Habits are themselves a result of a learning journey that is worth a moment of reflection. The journey starts…

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Back to School – New Term, New Ideas.

September has a new term feel to it, even for those of us whose children have long since flown the nest. It is a time of change, as summer gives way to autumn and we all begin to re-focus on what needs to be done to hit this years’ objectives and achieve this years’ goals. It is tempting to work harder at what has worked well so…

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Time to think about the way we think about things…..

Take a moment and have a think. When was the last time you thought about the way you think about things? It is a question rarely asked, especially by ourselves and is one that I believe is worth asking if we are to cope with the pressures of the 24/7, always ‘on’ world we all now occupy. When we did…

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